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The Past Season:

My background has always been about physical activity.  I started dance at the age of 3 and continued with dance even into my adult years. I later started a performing dance studio, producing numerous dance productions.  I was hired by a variety of organizations to audition dancers for different ballet and musical type productions.

A New Season in my life:

I was home one day washing dishes and saw on TV an 80 year old man running across the finish line of a marathon.  Literally I stopped what I was doing and watched him.

It was at that moment I decided, hey I want to be like that when I’m 80. Running or biking or just being physically active somehow and not sitting in a rocker waiting for “my day”.

Currently, I am a personal trainer, avid runner, cyclist and now I can add swimmer to the list.  Of course nutrition is a big deal for me now with all the activities I do.

My passion is people and helping to achieve a goal they never thought they could reach.

I personally feel it is so important to just get up and move everyday.

Running was something I ignored, I did not like running, especially being outdoors.  Growing up dance was my passion.  In junior high I had to sign up for a “P.E.” class so I chose gymnastics, since it was indoors, and did continue through high school.

How I started running?  For 5 years I had been attending an athletic conditioning class 4 days a week.  This class was so hard! Toward the end of class they would run competitive lines against 1 other person.  I was not a runner much less had I ever raced somebody. Being competitive was the last thing on my mind.

I literally put my shoes on and started just running a few miles two days a week. Because I wanted to run as well as the other people in my class.

My friend knew I started running and asked me to run a marathon with her. I told her no way, I am not interested.

Well,  2 – marathons, 8 – half marathons, 2 – 203 mile relays, 2 muddy buddy events and Several 5k’s, 10k’s and 20K’s later, I’m hooked!

What’s next?  Triathlon maybe.  I guess I maybe doing one in the Fall.

I learned that to keep the amount of exercise that I was doing 4 days a week required me to set some sort of future goals to keep me moving forward in my training, or I was afraid I would start losing interest in working out.  Just setting a future goal of running a marathon triggered many other races down the road.  If I did not set goals of running in races I knew I would slow down on physical activity.  Currently I have a 20k in September, 2 half marathons in October and 1 full marathon setup for April 2012.  If you have just 1 friend that will exercise with you, that can make all the difference in your success!

Tammy Shadden

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