Against my will


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I began a program back in May that I agreed to attend but not willing to go, Okay, well I really did kinda want to go through it, but I knew it would be difficult.  Not knowing where this adventure would take me.  I did learn to recognize that one of my biggest fear is ….CONFRONTATION, I typed the word big, because it feels so big to me and so hard to do.  Today I read a book and the title to the paragraph said….CARE ENOUGH TO CONFRONT.  I never looked at it as caring!  Learning how to confront in a positive manner can be so hard.  I know to speak with people in a calm manner and not out of anger.  But to confront an issue with someone, this is really hard for me.  I am putting what I have learned to practice and it hasn’t bitten me yet, but it has only been a short time, actually I have had positive reactions so far.  Of course, today I need to confront an issue, ugh…..What I did learn, is if they are acting inappropriately and I don’t let them know, then I robb them of an opportunity to learn and grow.

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