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Big Sur International Marathon – running on the edge of the western world

Tammy and Kathy - Sailing in Carmel

Celebrating its 25th anniversary with a very good reason.  This marathon was picked by Runners World as one of the 3 best marathons as well as the nation’s best destination marathon.

There were approximately 13,000 runners participating in either the marathon, 21 miler, relay, 10.6, 9 mile or 5k.  There was no runner left out  Even those that finished the Boston marathon the weekend before did not want to miss this race, competing in a back to back challenge: 2 marathons, 2 coast in 6 days.

“Known as one of the most challenging race courses in the country, Big Sur is built for beauty not speed”.

Registration is held in July, still an easy race to enter, but does sell out.


This is one race you will get up early for….

Buses are corralled up Hwy 1 in the early morning starting at 4am to runners to the start line.

The runners are spread out amongst the different race events.

There was coffee and snacks at the start line, did a little warm up.  And of course my Garmin decided to shut down right when we were about to start the race.

This is the only time Hwy 1 is shut down.

The organizers really did a fantastic job and you can tell they are really experienced at doing this year after year.

There are plenty of porta potties, water, Gatorade and Gu handed out on the course.

Fresh strawberries were handed out near the end of the race at mile 23

Forget the ipods, plenty of entertainment all along the course.

Weather was great – 47 in the morning and sunshine all along the way, do you know anything about negative ions?  I think all my races need to be along beaches after learning about them.

Life size mile markers made you look forward to the next mile marker. We stopped at a few and had to take pictures.

Entertainment – Taiko drummers, pianist playing a grand piano

Spectators are not allowed on the course, but they make up for it with entertainment and entertaining mile markers along the way.

Sweat pickup was easy and near the finish line!

We choose to stay in Carmel the end of the race, and was not disappointed.  We were able to walk about Carmel without the aide of a car.  Plenty of shopping and restaurants and even meet up with Jeff Galloway at the Lamp Lighter Inn where we stayed!  Jeff was so awesome and spent time chatting with us about running.

Jeff Galloway hanging out with us




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