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EAR STAPLING has been around for over 2 decades


Staples are placed at key pressure points to target weight loss, stress, tension, migraines, and smoking cessation

There are over 700 different auricular points on the ear.  I concentrate on certain pressure points that target appetite, stress, tension, IBS, gastric reflux, and cravings

There is approximately a 90% success rate


Numerous reasons to have the staple placed;  weight loss, migraines, stress, smoking cessation, chronic back pain and digestive imbalances

Please know the staples will affect what your body needs most. Example; you may lose inches at first then pounds, You may sleep better than you ever have, be less tense, and not lose weight at first


Staples target many areas, so you may feel the staple isn’t working, because you’re not losing weight, but it really is working, its targeting what your body needs first


3 Points of the Middle Cartilage/Ridge


Diaphragm Point – closet to the face.  Represent the diaphragm/lung area.


Stomach Point – Located at the base of the ridge.  Represents appetite (for weight loss), gastric reflux, and IBS


Point Zero/Wonderful Point –  Represents, stress, tension and cravings.


****Point Zero is the most important point out of the three points on this ridge, because stress and tension play an integral part of our lives.  Stress/Tension can cause insomnia, tension headaches, migraines, chronic pain and can affect our overall energy levels.  It is between the diaphragm and stomach points.  Placing the staples here for smoking cessation and weight loss.  You should have more effective results.



The effects experienced most with the weight loss staples are:

Felling of fullness faster – usually not able to eat as much

Nausea – when overeating

Dry Mouth or Metallic taste

Crave or Thirst Water

Cravings – May not crave foods normally would or if you do, the foods will taste totally different.


RESULTS: Should be noticed in 7 – 10 days.

***Remember fi you are sleeping better and less stressed the first week, but hasn’t loss weight, the staples are working!


If results aren’t noticed at ALL – I will offer a free re-position. (If out of state valid 4- 5 weeks).  Local clients a 14 day period offered.


Staples can last 6 weeks to 6 months, it varies with each individual.

My clients have the most effectiveness for 3 – 4 months.


Biggest Risk of this procedure is an infection; this is similar to an ear piercing type infection.  The ear must be kept clean with “No Pressing, Touching, or Wiggling.”

If you move the staples forward and backward, the holes the staples are in become larger and they won’t heal. It can cause swelling, irritation, redness and possibly and infection.  The staples can become loose which will cause them not to work well.

There is a slight very slight chance of the client developing a keloid as well as scarring, this written in the liability waiver……..


How to Clean;

Place a Q-tip into alcohol, tap lightly on each ear on and around the staples.

Let it air dry, then place antibiotic ointment on a new Q-tip and apply it in front, behind, on top and on the bottom of the staples.  Twice a day for One week, then at least one or two times per week as long as they are in.  YOU will receive this on your aftercare sheet.

***anytime you rub, bump or hit your staple, your ear may become tender and sore.

Clean with alcohol and ointment….If it is not better in 24 hrs please call me for removal.

70% alcohol is the BEST

Massage stimulation points – 6 – 8 times a day for 20 seconds rub soft and slowly.


Diet tips – Drink 24ozs of water daily, eat one piece of fruit 20 mins before each meal, decrease salt intake, take one multi-vitamin daily, allow a small treat occasionally, cutting out too much, can cause a relapse.

Decrease sweetened drinks: High Fructose Corn Syrup is a NO NO!

Monitor weight once a week

Be Honest, the staples will not cause one to gain weight.  Eat to live, don’t live to eat



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