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Geocaching?  Kinda like hide and seek.  You are given clues to find a hidden container that are different shapes and sizes.  Yes, I am in, I want to go.  My daughter and her friend were going Geocaching and I talked my husband into going too.  Fill up your water bottles and get your knee high socks or long pants on and sneakers.   Wait, I don’t understand why we need that, it’s over 100 degrees outside.  I soon learned we become trackers.  There are concordances we will be given and we have to search for these containers (geocaches) that are different shapes and sizes.   By the way we did spend our time searching for little boxes in the hottest part of the day.  We were going through thick brush looking for these hidden containers.  Once you find them, you sign the paper inside and log in that you found the container.  Now if I was just out hiking and saw an ammo box tied with a chain to a tree, I would get as far away from this box as I could.  Funny how you just walk right up an open it up.  What’s inside these containers?  Silly little objects, that we found fun to look at; buttons, wrapping paper, key chains, etc.   Truly enjoyed this trip we took.  Beat sitting around the house, and was a fun way to spend the afternoon with family and friends and I guess hiking!

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