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Jeff Galloway, Olympic Marathoner, best-selling author, “America’s Coach”, inventor of the Galloway Training Method, and director of over 80 marathon and half-marathon training programs across the U.S.

Jeff Galloway On the HydraPouch personal hydrator:

“The HydraPouch is much easier to drink from while running than a paper cup.  Runners drink more and stay better hydrated, and we all know that better hydration leads to better performance.”

“When I use my HydraPouch I can easily grab up to six ounces of water or sports drink at an aid station and drink it slowly, cleanly, and comfortably.”

“I wish I had a HydraPouch when I raced at the world-class level – it’s so much more effective than paper cups.”

“The HydraPouch is the lightest, most comfortable, and most effective hydration device a runner can carry.”

“Elite runners who try a HydraPouch will experience something most of them have never experienced – they’ll actually be able to drink while running at full speed.”

“I recommend the HydraPouch for anyone who drinks aid station beverages while running a road or trail race.”

Jeff Galloway On Cup-Free Racing and Training:

“The HydraPouch personal hydrator and the HydraPour high-speed valve might be the two most innovative products the running market has seen in decades.”

“Cup-Free Racing and Training will definitely be the biggest and best change in the sport in years.”

“Cup-Free Training makes perfect sense for any club or team that’s still using paper cups during or after their workouts.  It saves money, reduces litter, and it’s completely consistent with the environmental ethic of our sport.”

“I’m proud that we’re eliminating cups in our Galloway Training Programs.  It’s just the right thing to do on so many levels.”

Nicole DeBoom, Ironman Champion, founder and CEO of Skirt Sports, inventor of the running skirt, founder of the Skirt Chaser national race series:  “The HydraPouch is a simple yet brilliant invention. When I was a professional athlete, I would contort paper cups and dump virtually all of the water to savor the one sip that didn’t spill out and choke me. I wish HydraPouch was around when I was racing pro! As a recreational athlete, I use HydraPouch in my running events as it allows me to take my time while I adequately hydrate. I no longer have to chug and toss. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, the key to racing success is proper hydration! Combining a hydration tool that actually works with an undeniable environmental platform, I believe HydraPouch is on the verge of revolutionizing the running industry.”

Lauren Ivison, Elite Amateur Triathlete, Age-group Runner-up at USAT Nationals:  “My HydraPouch allows me to more easily and efficiently integrate my water intake with my nutrition by eliminating clumsy gulping and spilling.  I love it!”

Ordinary Athletes on the HydraPouch:

“I have very much enjoyed using my HydraPouch – and will again this weekend at the Rock ‘n Roll Chicago half marathon.  It’s a great product and I look forward to using your products for years to come.” – Trent

  • “I have enjoyed using the HydraPouch.  It’s very handy and I actually get a good drink at the water station now!” – Jeanne
  • “I LOVE the HydraPouch; I can sip at my leisure and not get the burps from gulping too fast at the water stops.  Great product!” – Larry
  • “I purchased two HydraPouches several months ago and we are very pleased with them so far and hope that the idea of cup-less races will begin to take off.” – Tom
  •  “The HydraPouch worked great.  It was just the perfect amount of water when you needed it – just a great hydration feature.” – Jeff
  • “It’s really lightweight – it’s not a problem carrying it at all.” – Manuel and Jackie
  •  “Had a great experience with the HydraPouch.  I really prefer sipping rather than chugging my liquid intake during a race.  Your product makes a fantastic difference. “ – Trent
  • “I love the HydraPouch and it’s very popular in Dallas – lightweight and easy to use!” – Jim W