My visit with Alice


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Last week I went back to the nursing home (hospice section) to visit with a very sweet lady named Alice. I was sad to see that she wasn’t feeling well the day I went back to visit her.  I met her the first day the staff was showing me around and I knew she was the one person I planned to go back and visit.  She is 80 years old and a gem.  She is soft spoken with so much good advise for living your life.  I learned from her how important school was to her growing up and the passion she had for learning.  She loves to speak with anyone who is in school no matter what age you are.  There was a young lady that came to see her just that week about staying in college.  Alice expressed her feelings about commitment to school and how important it was for her, and the young lady left with a desire to stay.  I love how the wisdom of the elderly can still influence a young persons life.  I’m sure Alice had more impact on her than her own parents had.  We need a mentor in our lives that can help guide us on our path sometimes.  I believe God does but those people in our life, and what we do with it is our choice.

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