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Back at the nursing home today and meet a new resident.  She is 84 years old and such a sweet lady.  I enjoyed talking with her today.  Gracie talked about how she used to cook and gave me some of her recipes and some one of her friends “secret recipes”.  It was so funny when another resident came wheeling down the hall and I mentioned the name of her and she asked if I knew her and if I was family.  “Just meet her a few weeks ago and I am not family and I just meet her, I learned she used to sing on the radio.”  She laughed and said “Oh she ain’t done anything we haven’t done, I used to travel from one town to another and  I sang on the radio too.”  She proceeded to let me know that she likes to steal from other peoples room and you have to watch out for her cause she will take your toilet paper.  I felt like I was back in high school!  I thought it was cute how they hang out in the halls and talk (gossip) and act like just like kids.  Thanks Gracie for making me smile, bringing back memories of my days in the hall of high school, hmmmmm…..”Ruckus Retirement High School.” or maybe even a soap opera name.  Any suggestions?