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Here is the message I received on my text today while training a client…

…Since Chels is driving she asked me to text you.  We met these guys from Norway and they are headed to Dallas they are all so funny and cool.  They are traveling the country for a month, but she wanted to know if you could cook Spaghetti and we could pay for it cause they are only here for one night and then they wanted to go to Ft. Worth and check it out….end

Really….what would be your first thought?

My daughter had gone to Austin with friends Caroline, Margo, Jessica and Joe for a few days.  They went hiking, cliff jumping, singing and touring the city.  Unfortunately no fireworks for the 4th in Austin.  So she meets 4 guys from Norway that are headed to Dallas and leaving at the same time they are, so she has them come eat with us.  “We will be Ambassadors for them” says Chelsea.  Yes, of course we run to the store get the food with only 45 mins. before the next client shows, and get dinner cooking.  If you only knew how many times she has brought stray dogs into my home.  Only these were human, not dogs.

They arrive, we meet the guys, and they were really funny, great and sweet..  All had graduated from Engineering school in Norway and were touring America before going home and starting their careers.  But really we had to give them American names because their names were to hard to pronounce.  So here they are Scott, Eric, Lee and Keith.  Tonight they go to Fort Worth.  Have a feeling they are going to have fun.