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Essential Oil and Balm

Healing and Soothing essentials oils and balms have been part of Chinese herbalism for centuries.

SunBreeze Oil and Balm are based on these Chinese traditions and are the results of combining them with modern supportive technology.

Menthol, camphor, cassia oil and other all-natural essential flowers oils are the ingredients of this remarkable product that is so clearly ahead of other oils on the market.

Gently rub a few drops of oil or a touch of the balm on the temples, on the back of your neck, or onto the shoulders and the stress of the day will dissolve.

With SunBreeze you can experience the soothing temporary relief of sore muscles, headache, drowsiness, tension and even bruising.

Just massage the SunBreeze Oil or Balm into any part of the body as needed for congestion, insect bites, stings or burns.

SunBreeze is perfect for all over rub-downs and is used by many massage therapist, to help their clients feel so very special and to soothe away their aches.

SunBreeze can be used on the stomach to soothe upset and as a relief for sunburn if a small amount is combined with Kandesn Hand and Body Lotion.

The essential oils provoke a brisk sensation, which may either be warm or cool, depending on the body’s temperature at that time and place.

Take SunBreeze with you in your purse or pocket and you will find a multitude of uses for it!


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