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Stevia, is an herb

indigenous to South America, and has helped popularize its use in many countries. “SunnyDew® and Sunectar® are two of my favorite products. The primary ingredient in both these dietary supplements is stevia. The natural extract from stevia leaves contains no calories and is 250-300 times sweeter than processed sugar. Stevia has been used by South Americans and Asians for centuries as a sweetener and as a dietary supplement. Stevia helps maintain normal blood sugar levels* and enhances food and beverages to help maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Many companies are now marketing stevia products, but ours is very different. We use a special extraction and concentration process to enhance its benefits. You can also taste the difference—our SunnyDew® and Sunectar® have a unique, delicious flavor with no aftertaste.” Also, they are not sweeteners nor or they to be consumed as sweeteners or sugar substitutes, yet they are dietary supplements that satisfy the basic demand for sweetness, yet do not create a state of imbalance.

♦ Regulates blood sugar  More stable blood pressure  Nourishes the liver, pancreas, adrenal glands, & digestive system  Helps relieve mental, emotional, & physical fatigue  Improved ability to burn fat Faster muscle recovery after exercise  Improve mental clarity  Anti-fungal  Anti-bacterial  Anti-yeast  Topical skin healing agent  Can help prevent tooth decay Non-fermenting

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