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Monday morning ran 2.52 miles.  Next my family and friends decided to visit the Dallas Aquarium and couldn’t believe we had not gone sooner.  If you have not visited the aquarium you are missing out on a great opportunity to see how amazing it is.  With the temperatures so hot out,  this is a great […]

Eugene, Oregon


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Here is the full marathon we will be attending in April 2012! I have read so many wonderful things about Oregon.  They have a coast, Portland is hailed as America’s best bicycling city, waterfalls, hiking, blueberries, golf, I mean I could go on and on.  This is one marathon you should check out, you can register for […]

110 expected today


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Of all the adversities that runners and marathoners face, heat is the number one offender. This is because it can bring on two conditions that can negatively affect your performance… Overheating and Dehydration. Overheating is the result of inadequate cooling; when the body cannot keep up with the demands of evaporation of water from your […]

Running the Half


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Another Great Article from Tony Flesch, Jul. 15, 2011 Half Crazy! Thanks to Debbie Fetterman for asking me to be a Contributor to this blog, and to my good friend Spareribs LaMothe for the introduction and kind words in his blog on Monday. For my inaugural blog, I decided to share some information about the explosion […]